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Basic information

The journal ACTA SCIENTIARUM. EDUCATION, of continuous publication, is a periodical that publishes works related to Education, under different theoretical perspectives, that have not been published or disclosed in any magazines, virtual spaces, or annals of events. Submissions must be unpublished and linked to one of the following thematic axes of the Journal: (1) History and Philosophy of Education; (2) Teacher Training and Public Education Policies.

The axis History and Philosophy of Education aims to disseminate the research on the biographical, institutional, social, formal, and non-formal nature of educational processes.

The axis Teacher Training and Public Education Policies disseminates studies on theories, laws, and policies, which refer to the development and professional practice of teachers.

In both axes, works are published in the form of articles, theoretical-methodological essays, and translations of works not available in the languages published by the Journal.

The texts are published online in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French, on the Portal de Periódicos da Eduem.

The evaluation process takes place through the Electronic Journal Publishing System (SEER in Portuguese). Only works duly submitted in this system are evaluated, and any other form of submission is not considered valid.

ACTA SCIENTIARUM. EDUCATION accepts proposals for publication of Thematic Calls proposed by Ph.D. professors from at least two different Teaching/Research Institutions and having at least three international researchers, whose summary of the proposal, in Portuguese and English, must contain up to 600 characters and contain the following explicit items: presentation, objectives, and relevance to the field of education. Articles in the Thematic Call will be submitted and evaluated individually, following the same rules as the Journal's continuous flow. Proponents of the Call are responsible for preparing the presentation text of the works approved for publication.

Proposals for Thematic Calls are evaluated by the Editorial Committee and, once approved on merit, the opening of submissions and the timetable for receiving proposals are announced.

No publication or editing fees are charged, and the online version is open access and free of charge.

ACTA SCIENTIARUM. EDUCATION is an A2 in the Education assessment area in the 2017-2020 Quadrennial Journal Classification.



  • 2010 to 2014: Biyearly [print and online]
  • 2015 to 2018: Quarterly [online]
  • As of 2019: Continuous publication [online].


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Intellectual property


Copyright belongs exclusively to the authors. The licensing rights used by the journal is the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (CC BY 4.0): sharing (copying and distributing the material in any medium or format) and adaptation (remixing, transforming, and creating material from the content thus licensed for any purposes, including commercial).

Further information on providing credits and form references for the proper use of licensed material can be obtained at link.

The names and addresses informed to this journal will be used exclusively for the services provided for the publication, not being made available for other purposes or to third parties.

The Acta Scientiarum. Education recommends and encourages authors to deposit the final version of the approved article in repositories such as Academia, ResearchGate, etc. only after official publication in the Journal.



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  • Fundação de apoio à Pesquisa do Estado do Paraná – Fundação Araucária [Editais]


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