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Author guidelines

Nature of Submissions
Original manuscripts by Brazilian and foreign authors are accepted for evaluation. Submissions should be within the field of History and Historiography of Education, which will be directed to one of the following sections: collections on a theme, articles, debates, reports, interviews, historical documents, and reviews.

“Cadernos de História da Educação” publishes in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Translations of original texts
After approval for publication of texts with original manuscripts written in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian, the author(s) must send a full translation in English for bilingual publication. In the case of original works written in English, a full translation of the text must later be sent in Portuguese.

The maximum number of authors of a proposal for publication is three. Of these, one must necessarily have a Doctoral or PhD degree and others must have at least a Master’s degree. If it is necessary to acknowledge the collaboration of other researchers or even undergraduate researchers, this can be done exclusively in a footnote inserted within the title or at the beginning of the article.

Format of the original manuscript
The electronic file of the material for publication should be submitted through the SEER system in a recent program of Word for Windows. The text should be formatted with all margins at 2.5 cm, header and footnotes at 1.25 cm, and A4 paper size. The text should be single-spaced with justified alignment in 12-point Times New Roman font. Texts must have a title, abstract, and three keywords in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. When the original language of the manuscript is other than these, there should be four languages for the title, abstract, and keywords. The abstract should have at least 50 words and at most 150 words. The minimum and maximum length of the original manuscripts are as follows: for the sections of collections, articles, interviews, and translations – from 10 to 20 pages; for the sections of debates, reports, and historical documents – from 5 to 15 pages; and for the section of reviews – from 3 to 5 pages.

Illustrations must be of good quality, inserted directly in the text submitted and duly accompanied by captions and legends.

References must be presented in a complete manner at the end of the text in alphabetical order, obeying the updated guidelines of the ABNT or of another system recognized by the scientific community. Otherwise, publication will not be possible.

Footnotes, when used, must be numbered and inserted using Word for Windows and must appear at the foot of the page, with only the first line of the footnote indented 0.5 cm..

Revision for grammatical and technical standards: mandatory
Texts submitted for evaluation must pass through rigorous and thorough revisions for conformity to grammatical and technical standards before being sent to the periodical, under penalty of impossibility of publication.

Proposal for a collection of articles on a theme
A proposal for a collection of articles on a theme for publication in the periodical should be made by an organizer or, at most, two organizers. The initial proposal should be sent to the periodical through the e-mail address: This collection must have at least 4 and at most 6 articles by authors with a diversity of institutional affiliations, and at least one of the articles must have an author affiliated with a foreign institution. At most, two articles can come from researchers affiliated with the same higher education and/or research institution. The proposal should state the title of the collection, the name and institutional affiliation of the organizer(s), the title of the articles with the name(s) of the author(s) and their institutional affiliation(s), an overall summary of the collection, and the specific abstracts of the articles. After initial evaluation by the editorial board, the organizer(s) will be informed of the result, with information regarding the timeline for sending the original manuscripts and the perspective for publication. The original manuscripts will be received and sent on to reviewers. If all the articles are approved, they will proceed to publication in the form of a collection of articles. However, if articles are not accepted and this makes it impossible to publish the material in the form of a collection, the original manuscripts that have been approved will be published in the article section. After approval for publication of the texts with original manuscripts written in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian, the author(s) must send a full translation in English for bilingual publication. In the case of original manuscripts written in English, the full translation of the text must be sent in Portuguese.


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