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Focus and policy

Its editorial project aims to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the area of education, through regional, national and international themes. It publishes original works related to the area of Education under different fields of research such as: Studies in Teacher Training, Pedagogical Practices, Policies and Educational Management, among other Education topics. Papers are accepted in Portuguese, English and Spanish, in the form of conferences, articles and reviews.
The Journal initially analyzes the submitted manuscripts regarding the adequacy of the editorial line and guidelines. After this screening, it submits the works to the Editorial Board or to the ad hoc panel of judges who decide on a confidential basis, according to previously established criteria, on the convenience acceptance of the texts for publication. In the case of a favorable and unfavorable opinion, it will be indicated to a third opinion of the area, including the Editorial Commission itself. This journal offers immediate free access to its content, following the principle that providing free scientific knowledge to the public provides greater global democratization of knowledge.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Instructions to authors

The Journal Exitus does not charge processing fees, submission and publication of articles by national and international authors.
1. The Exitus Journal ISSN 2237-9460 (online), indexed in: Edubase - National Base of Periodicals in Education (BD) FE / UNICAMP, Diadorin, BASE, Latindex, Sumá, publishes original works related to Education under different fields of research such as: Studies in teacher education, pedagogical practices, educational policies and management, among other themes of education.
2. It is published quarterly by the Federal University of the West of Pará / UFOPA, with the launch of each issue occurring respectively in the months of January, April, July and October of each year. Accepted and unpublished material may be published in later editions, and it is up to the editors to ensure that the material is included in the journal.
3. Articles that comply with the norms of the Journal specified below will be accepted:
a. Only articles referring to theoretical and / or empirical research and reports of educational practices will be considered for publication.
b. The works must be submitted through the following address:
c. The texts of the articles should have 25 to 30 pages, which should be numbered, written in Portuguese, English or Spanish, including references and notes. Each article may have a maximum of three (3) authors, at least one with a doctor's degree. A number greater than 3 authors must present justification to be considered by the Editorial Committee of the Exitus.
d. The articles should contain: title, abstract and keywords in Portuguese, English and Spanish (abstract, keywords, abstract, keywords, abstract, keywords), introduction, conclusion / final considerations and references. The coordination and Editorial Committee of Exitus Magazine, provided a file with the structure of the article to facilitate the publishing. Documents that do not conform to the Template will not be accepted. To access it, just click on the following link and download: Exitus Magazine Template.
e. The text should be typed in the Microsoft Word editor, Century Gothic font 12, space 1.5. It should be formatted in A4 and the margins of the text should be: bottom, top and right 2.5 cm and left 2.5 cm.
f. The name (s) of the author (s), in full, link with the institution (city and country), ORCID and e-mail, should be placed in a separate file (Supplementary Document) to ensure anonymity in the evaluation process.
g. The abstract (abstract and summary), not exceeding 250 words, should contain brief information about the article. Up to three keywords should be added at the end of both the abstract and abstract and abstract.
h. The author (s) should be careful not to use references that may identify him / her in the evaluation process.
i. The use of footnotes should be only for some explanatory information.
j. The citations must follow the standards of the ABNT in force.
k. The author (s) should carefully review the text before sending it.
l. The author (s) submitting articles to the EXITUS Magazine agree to assign the copyright to it in a regime of exclusivity and originality of the text, being necessary the express authorization of it for publication in another vehicle.
m. The authors and co-authors of articles and reviews published in the Exitus Magazine will have a period of at least one year for a new publication in the magazine.
n. No compensation will be offered to the authors of the works.


They should be arranged in alphabetical order, aligned to the left and follow ABNT standards. List all the authors of the paper. Journal titles should be complete and not abbreviated. Include only the works mentioned in the work. Some models of bibliographic references:

MOREIRA, A. F. B .; KRAMER, S. Contemporaneity, education and technology. Education and Society, v. 28, n. 100, p. 1037-1057, 2007. DOURADO, L. F. Policies and management of education in Brazil: multiple regulations and control. Brazilian Journal of Education Policy and Administration, v. 27, n. 1, p. 53-65, 2011.

RIBEIRO, R. S. F. The mental health of the worker and the education as a form of care. In: SYMPOSIUM OF THE LAGE, 7., 2009, Campinas. Anais ... Campinas: State University of Campinas, 2009. p. 73-80.

CUNHA, L. A. Education, state and democracy in Brazil. São Paulo: Cortez, 1991.
BRASIL, W. Science and higher education in the Amazon. Porto Velho: Edufro, 2007.

Book chapter
LONGHI, A. J. Dialogue in diversity. In: GOERGEN, P. (Org.). Education and dialogue. Maringá: Eduem, 2010. p. 83-115.

COLARES, A. A. Colonization, catechesis and education in Grão-Pará. 2003. 186f. Thesis (Doctorate in Education) - State University of Campinas, Campinas / SP, 2003.

Note: Other references not exemplified herein must comply with the ABNT NBR 6023/2002 standard.


For the submission of reviews, the same criteria specified for the articles must be followed, with the following changes:
1. Reviews of unpublished, classic, recent or little-publicized books will be accepted.
2. Files must be submitted in "doc.", ".Docx." Or "rtf." Extension.
3. The review should have a maximum of 6 pages.
4. The review must have a title different from the title of the book reviewed.

The review should have at the beginning a technical sheet of the reviewed book, containing the necessary data (title, author, publisher, city, year, number of pages, ISBN, etc.).


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