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Focus and scope

Motrivivência aims to disseminate studies on topics relevant to the field of body culture and its interrelationship with human and social sciences, most notably sociocultural, philosophical and pedagogical approaches.


Peer-review process

Motrivivência adopts a double-blind peer review system.  After a preliminary analysis of the standards and the relevance of the topic by the editorial board, the texts submitted for publication are initially evaluated by two reviewers, who may be editorial board reviewers or ad hoc reviewers.

In cases of conflicting feedback (one acceptance and one rejection), the text will be sent to a third reviewer.  Two rejections or one rejection and one decision for mandatory revision will result in the rejection of the article. Based on the reviewers’ opinions, the editorial board will decide whether the manuscript will be designated as: approved for publication, need mandatory revision, rejected (archived).

From the adoption of the continuous publication system, the approved texts are immediately edited together with the authors (filling in templates, sending statements, etc.) and subsequently published.



Original Articles: dedicated exclusively to publishing articles resulting from researches on topics relevant to the field of Physical Education, as well as multidisciplinary topics, as long as they are in line with the scope of the journal and the demands for knowledge.

Open Door: accepts texts in different formats, such as:  survey articles, essays, reviews, interviews, extended abstracts of theses/dissertations, evidence-based experience reports, etc.

Themed Section: as a dossier on the topic chosen and announced by the editorial board, this section accepts spontaneous (approved) and/or on-demand submissions (commissioned). As long as they adhere to the indicated topic, manuscripts may be written as: original or review articles, essays, interviews or lecture transcripts.


Preparation of manuscripts

The manuscripts submitted to the journal must be original and must not be currently under consideration by another journal. All contributions must be in line with the focus and editorial scope of Motrivivência, written in Portuguese or Spanish and submitted to one of the sections mentioned above.  

Before being submitted, texts must be subject to professional Portuguese or Spanish language copy-editing regarding sentence structure, agreement and semantics. Manuscripts failing to meet these criteria will be returned to their authors after evaluation.

Articles must be sent in MS Word A4 format, not exceeding 15 pages of single-spaced text, font Times New Roman, size 12, with lateral, upper and lower margins of 2.5 cm each.

The manuscript should carry, in this order: title (subtitle, if any), abstract of up to 150 words with three to five keywords; below the abstract, title, abstract and keywords in English and Spanish (or Portuguese, if originally written in Spanish).  All abstracts should contain up to 150 words each.

Below the metadata above, the author should provide the textual content, followed by references.  Every URL link in both in-text and reference list citations (e.g.: must be active.

For more information, please visit:


a) No footnote should refer to the title.  The abstract should not include any references or citations. For keywords, we recommend using the Health Sciences Descriptors (DeCs), available at:

b) The file in MS Word format should not contain the name of its authors or any other way of identifying them in the text. 

c)  The text must be written in compliance with ABNT rules concerning the presentation of citations (NBR 10.520/2002), presentation of texts for publishing (NBR 12256), indication of dates (NBR 5892), numbering of divisions and subdivisions in written documents (6024/2003), abstracts (NBR 6028/2003) and references (NBR 6023/2003) and its updates, as well as with IBGE’s standards for the presentation of tables.

d) Motrivivência uses, on its reference list, the authors’ full name and last name.  We recommend that authors refer to the MORE system, developed by the University Library of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and available at when preparing the reference list.


Submission of manuscripts

All contributions should be submitted online, using the journal-hosting platform at

The Articles and Open Door sections accept submissions on a continuous basis. The Thematic Section accepts submissions only when its annual call for papers is announced, within the time limit contained therein.

Before submission, every co-author must register with the system and fill in the metadata field. At least the one responsible for the submission must be registered as author.


Ethical standards and procedures

Motrivivência uses COPE’s flowcharts to ascertain the facts and determine the necessary steps to resolve cases.  It also adopts SciELO’s procedures for publishing retractions and expressions of concern, which are based on guidelines from international committees specializing in research ethics.

Before being assigned to reviewers, manuscripts will undergo an editorial evaluation to make sure they meet the standards, in addition to a plagiarism check using plagiarism detection software. Thus, authors may be questioned during the journal evaluation process.

Authors should ensure the originality of their manuscripts and, in case they use articles written by other authors or their own previously published text, these should be cited. The act of plagiarizing or self-plagiarizing is unacceptable in all its forms. In the event that plagiarism or self-plagiarism is detected, the manuscript will be summarily archived.

Authorship and co-authorship: Co-authorship in a manuscript should be limited to those who: a) have made a direct, substantial and intellectual contribution to the conception of the research/article (acquisition, analysis or interpretation of the study data); b) have been involved in drafting the contents of the article or revising it critically; a) approve the final version to be published; d) are accountable for the accuracy and integrity of the manuscript. In cases of co-authorship, the order of the authors listed must be identical to the one inserted into the platform metadata area. Addition or deletion of co-authors after submission for approval is strictly forbidden.


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