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Author guidelines

Set of articles addressing innovative themes of relevance to the Educational and Cultural Historical Heritage, since the material and immaterial Cultural Heritage, both in constitution and diffusion, involves educational actions. The set of texts that compose it, at least 05 articles approved by peer reviewers, must have an interinstitutional character, have at least one international article and bring presentation of the organizer (s). The dossier must be proposed by researcher (s) doctor (s), as organizer (s). In case of not approving the minimum number of articles for the composition of a dossier, the texts approved by the reviewers may be published in the “Article” section with the consent of the authors. The Dossier may be proposed by researchers from the academic community or by an open call by the editors. Articles in the dossier must be submitted by the system following the journal's publication rules.

The selection of articles for publication takes as its basic criteria their contribution to the theme of the Historical-Educational Heritage, the originality of the theme or the treatment given to it, as well as the consistency of the theoretical-methodological approach. The Editorial Commission may publish an article produced by invitation to contribute to some more urgent debate in the area. This article will be evaluated only by the Editorial Board.
In this sense, articles will be accepted in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French.
The paper may have a maximum of four authors and should contain the following sections: introduction, development and conclusion.
The article attached to the submission must be saved in Word for Windows. Submissions will not be accepted in other formats, for example in PDF.
If you have questions about submitting articles, please refer to the instructions on the "TUTORIAL" tab.
The text must have the following setting:

Titles: in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.
Abstracts: Abstracts (in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French) must have a maximum of 800 characters, with spaces.
Keywords: 3 (three) keywords, in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French, separated by each point.
Articles: Articles must be 20,000 to 60,000 characters long, with spaces (not counting abstract) - about 10 to 30 pages
Source: "Times New Roman"
Font size:
- from text: 12
- from the title of the article: 12 (only the initial of the title and proper nouns in capital letters and bold)
- from footnote: 10
- used in title and bibliographic source of illustrations: 10
- for long quotes: 10
Sheet Size: A4
Margins: Upper: 3.0 cm
Left: 3.0 cm
Bottom: 2.0 cm
Right: 2.0 cm
Text Alignment: Justified
Spaces between lines: 1.5cm

ORCID Registration

As a form of standardization of authorship, the RIDPHE_R Editorial Committee Iberoamerican Journal of Historical-Educational Heritage made the inclusion of the ORCID iD in the act of submission mandatory.
The ORCID identifier can be obtained free of charge at
By registering you must accept the standards for submission of iD ORCID, and include the full URL, accompanied by the expression
  “Http: //” on your registration right after the email
Metadata that does not have the ORCID record will not be able to continue the evaluation process. ORCID registration is required for all authors.



The review must be accompanied by a bibliographic reference of the reviewed book, name of the author of the review and name of the institution. A review title may be given.
The review should be from 5,000 to 15,000 characters with spaces (about 3 pages to 6 pages).
Only reviews of books published for a maximum of four years or that have historical value for the journal area and that are directly linked to the theme addressed by the journal will be accepted.


In this section are published texts from handwritten, printed, official and other sources, as well as other documents in various media, iconographic and three-dimensional, which address issues of interest to the journal's thematic area and can dialogue with them. The document must accompany the title, year and source of the document, the name of the presenter and a brief presentation and / or discussion of it.


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