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General guidelines

The Education and Culture Contemporary Journal (REEDUC) publishes studies and research results that contribute to the development of the area, broadening the debate on the challenges posed to education by the changes that characterize contemporary culture.

The Journal divulges original papers about the theme that defines it. In particular, of theoretical and/or empirical research findings; critical reviews of educational research literature (thematic and methodological); essays; book reviews; interviews with education professionals or of related areas. Periodically, when the Editorial Committee deems it timely and convenient, an edition will be released focusing on a specific theme referring to issues relevant to contemporary education. This decision will be divulged six months before at the News page of the website.

REEDUC does not accept texts that have been submitted, simultaneously, for publication in other journals and/or books in Brazil or other countries. The texts express the opinion of their authors, not the position of the Education and Culture Contemporary Journal or of the Graduate Program in Education of Estácio de Sá University. The submission of works means the acceptation of the Creative Commons CC BY License.

The manuscripts, without identification, will be submitted to two Editorial Committee members or to a Consulting Council member and peer reviewer. In the event of a discrepancy in the evaluation, a review by a third reviewer will be requested. The name of the reviewer will not be divulged, but copies of the evaluations will be sent to authors. The publication of the papers will be conditioned to the authors' acceptance of any alterations made.

Guidelines for submission of documents

The papers can be submitted in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French. To submit a manuscript to Education and Culture Contemporary Journal, it is necessary to:

  •  Register in the system - click here to subscribe (login and password are required to access the system).
  • Confirm that the text is original and unpublished and has not been submitted for publication in another journal.
  • Forward a versions of the manuscript, with no information that identifies authorship.

If the document is co-authored, all authors should be registered in the system. The journal accepts up to four authors. However, the translations and interviews should be submitted by one or two authors, considering the nature of the text. The ORDIC of the authors of approved works will be required.
To monitor the status of submission, access the following: system → menu → access → login and password.

Guidelines for submission of documents

Originals must be submitted in the template provided by REEDUC regardless of the language of the work (Portuguese, English, Spanish or French). The manuscripts must be sent in MSWord (7 or higher) or in an .rtf extension (not more than 2 MB). The images, figures and tables should be included in the text. The images must have a resolution of at least 300 DPI. The guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) will be accepted for submissions in English, French and Spanish.

The Editorial Committee reserves the right to refuse submissions that do not follow the general guidelines for publication.

The documents’ extensions in the template:

  • Articles and interviews: at least 15 pages and no more than 20 pages.
  • Reviews: no more than 5 pages.

Abstract and keywords:
The abstract must contain the objective, theoretical references, methodology and findings of the research, not exceeding 150 words. After the abstract, the keywords must be presented: at least three, not exceeding five. The keywords must allow text retrieval from indexers. The abstract and keywords must be produced in Portuguese and English (obligatorily), in addition to French or Spanish.

Only when necessary.
Figures, images and tables
The illustrations (images, graphs and drawings), as well as the tables, should be inserted in the body of the text, along with their respective captions.

Sponsorship or support information can be included at the end of the manuscript.

Ethical questions

The author is the individual who effectively participated in the conception, development and writing of the submitted paper. After the submission, authors may not be included or excluded. The identity of authors must be included in the metadata only. The manuscript should not contain any indications that allow the evaluator to recognize, directly or indirectly, the authorship of the text.

REEDUC condemns plagiarism in its various forms and, in order to prevent it, requests that the authors guarantee the originality of the work, make proper use of citations, and avoid excessive self-citing. The Journal considers “original” submissions those that have not been published in Portuguese on the Web.

Conflict of interests
In their texts, the authors should be responsible for revealing any conflicts of interest of a personal, political, academic, commercial, and financial or any other nature. Thus, in addition to REEDUC not being responsible for the ideas contained in the published papers, the Journal reserves the right to refuse submissions that may cause damage to its image or to others.

The Education and Culture Contemporary Journal (REEDUC) receives submissions for evaluation and probable future publication at the link:

There are no fees for the submission, evaluation and publication of articles.



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